Ora doesn’t teach just style; we teach you how.

vocal-1With over 7 years of professional singing, and over 3 years of teaching experience, Micah Walley is no stranger to the voice and its power. By having to sing publicly 2 to 3 times a week, an hour or two at a time, Micah has years of experience, practicing exactly what he teaches. Whether you are an amateur or professional, vocalist or public speaker, these lessons are for you. The lessons can help increase your vocal range, give your voice more power and effect, help your voice have more stamina, or simply “learn to sing” (because we really believe that very few are actually tone deaf).

We guarantee that every lesson will be unique and molded to meet you right where you are and will help you excel far more than you ever thought possible. Every singer and speaker is at a completely different place; every voice is as unique as a fingerprint, and Micah finds the best way possible to teach you exactly how you, personally, need to be taught.

So many vocal coaches teach “styles” of singing, however Micah’s approach teaches the foundations of the voice, the anatomy of the voice, and how it all actually works together. Once the foundation have been laid, if you’re interested in pursuing a specific genre, we can definitely do that, too.

Lessons last 30 minutes, and the first lesson is completely free to you. Our contracts go from month to month, and you choose the number of lessons you want within that time period. We don’t lock you into a monthly fee when you can only make it to one lesson in 30 days. This way, if you would like more instruction in November, but December you won’t be available near as much, you’re not losing any money or regretting any lost time. This  way we’re also much more aware of our availability so we can help you more.

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