Meet us. Micah and Sarah. The duo of The Ora Company. We’re married, head-over-heels in love, and happily enjoying every bit of what life has to offer us.

We are natural light photographers based in Florence, Alabama, but open for travel. Our portfolio includes weddings, portraits, family, press, and events. Our most important aspect of our work is to incorporate each individual’s persona into a photograph with our added flare.


We were both raised playing and loving music. Our passion for rhythm, tone, heart, and soul has, pretty much, made us who we are as individuals. Combined, we sing and play keys, drums, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, and percussion. Our joy is to share music with others through teaching and learning, all sorts and all types. Music is the language of our soul, and we want to teach people how to speak.



Meet Sarah.
Born, raised, and stayed in the wonderful South (Florence, Alabama, to be exact). I’m a strange concoction of city girl, tomboy, and Southern belle. I always have an eye out for the unique and the out of the ordinary. My camera is practically my most prized possession, and I absolutely adore everything about my job. I also have an unhealthy obsession with beauty products, fashion, and all things music. Most importantly, I was made to love. I have been given a hope that burns brighter than a thousand stars, and I want to share it with the world.


Honeymoonedit-7Meet Micah.
My amazing groom. I know I’m biased, but he is quite possibly one of the most beautiful vocalists I’ve ever heard (and I’ve heard quite a bit!). He is truly the most selfless person I’ve ever seen, and I could go on and on till I had no more breath about incredible of a person he is. If you haven’t met him, you must be lacking a huge part of your life. He’s my crazy handsome love, and I adore him more than life. I am beyond privileged to be his wife, and it is a joy to live life standing beside him. He’s also an amazing photographer and business associate, as well, and I’m so blessed to have the someone whom I love actually love what I do as much as me.